Law of Vibration

Vibrating means to oscillate, to quiver, move backwards and forwards very fast. On a sub-atomic level , everything is vibrating. This is what matter and energy does at this level. The chair you are sitting in is vibrating like crazy right now. You don’t feel it or see it because all the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles that make your chair are compact and smaller than small. Matter vibrates at such a small high rate of speed that it goes beyond what we can detect unless you have some very high powered microscope.

This may sound foreign but it is very real. Because everything is made up of vibrational energy, even consciousness itself is energy that vibrates at a very high rate. Therefore, our very own thoughts hold some weight after all. This is the Law of Vibration. Everything can be measured at a vibrational signature.

An experiment done several years ago even bares this out. A mother rabbit was submerged into a submarine while the baby was in a lab a few thousand miles away. The mother was attached to equipment that measures brain waves to see if she would respond to what the experimenters did next. Those people at the lab killed the baby rabbit. At the moment the baby was killed, the brain waves of the mother rabbit they were observing in the sub went off the chart. The brain waves being measured went haywire.

Yes, this experiment sucks, but it also proves that consciousness is a vibrational pattern that is distinct. This also proved a very important aspect of quantum theory that sub-atomic particles can give and receive information without time and distance being a variable. This experiment helps to establish that vibration exists as consciousness throughout the universe.

Scientifically this might explain the close relationships some individuals have, where one person has a fall and the other one feels the pain at that exact moment. There have been many tests conducted with identical twins that bare this out.

The Law of Vibration plays a very large part in understanding Universal Consciousness. If everything is vibrational and communication is instant between everything, then we are all tied into something a lot larger than we might have ever thought of before.

Science has been discovering recently that the metaphysical laws are now becoming there laws and theories. Through the studies of quantum physics, science is discovering what metaphysics has known for thousands of years – everything and everyone is connect to each other.

Every one of us are individual beings, yet we are also an integral part of the Universal Consciousness that makes up the whole. Like a drop of salt water from a vast ocean that is larger than our solar system, that drop of water is still part of the ocean. So it is with all of us.

It is because we are a part of this Universal Consciousness that we are able to communicate with the whole of it with our vibrational signatures that are unique to each one of us. This Law of Vibration is even part of the bigger picture. It is because of this that the Law of Attraction works for us.

The key to the Law of Vibration is, raising your vibrational frequency to a positive one; a Good Vibration. This higher vibration you begin to resonate, will be answered in kind by the Universal Consciousness. Like, attracts like. Or, light, attracts light. What you send out as thoughts, feelings, emotions, is manifested into your life by the Super Consciousness responding to this.

The Law of Attraction is the bigger picture. It is the great communicator. We send out our consciousness using our vibrational patterned signatures and the Universal Consciousness responds to this by sending back to us our reality. Good or bad, we get back what we give. The Law does not judge good, or bad; we do. This Law simply returns to us, base on whatever vibrational frequency we send out on.

Again, this may all sound incredible, yet it is all true and real. There are several resources in vast detail that explain what science in quantum physics have been discovering about the cause and effect nature of reality being one of intent.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a metaphysical guru in order to make any of this work for you. Understanding that the Universal Consciousness can work for you, and a willingness to let go of old ideas about yourself and your false relationship with the universe is enough to begin – discovering abundance, real happiness and a quality of life you never imagined.



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