Freemasonry Today – Its Principles

Freemasonry is an organization open to all men who have a desire to be a good and productive contributor to society. It recognises no distinction between races, creeds, social qualifications, or political persuasions. Freemasons strive to become better citizens, better family men, and better employees or employers. They believe in helping those who are in need, and to make charity and benevolence a journey with Freemasonry.

Members are expected to be people of integrity, and they enjoy fellowship in an atmosphere of mutual trust – this is important for humanity as planet Earth’s history have been full of conflicts and divisions among its inhabitants.

There are three levels of membership known as ‘degrees’. Those degrees are:

1st Degree: Entered Apprentice
2nd Degree: Fellow Craft
3rd Degree: Master Mason

The ceremony of each degree is about wisdom, and principles of morality. Symbolism and Masonic working tools are used in these ceremonies to convey such teachings. The famous Masonic working tools, the square and compasses are the universal emblems of Freemasonry. Masonic “secrets” which are intrigue the public are just hand shakes, signs, and symbols used by Freemasons to identify one another.

Freemasons meet in places they refer to as Lodges. Each lodge is presided over by a Worshipful Master (President) who is elected annually by the members. Members are given the opportunity to move through the various Offices of a Lodge to develop self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, and promote leadership. The Lodge meetings include solemn ceremonies, and stimulating lectures on the ancient traditions and principles of the Craft in which Freemasonry is based. Almost all the meetings conclude with a supper where members get to enjoy fellowship.

Members are not permitted to discuss political, religious, or racial issues in Lodges. Freemasons are also urged to obey laws, and perform civic duties in the country in which they reside. Membership for personal gain is not permitted, and it is not a mutual benefit society. Freemasonry is not a religion, does not have a Divine Revelation, and offers no salvation.

Freemasonry reinforces kindness, honesty, courtesy, and fairness. It flourishes in almost every free country, and is a way of life for men of all nations. Freemasonry today is a society for people helping people.


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