What Are Freemasons?

Freemasons really are a fraternal society which consists of males who’re worried about moral and spiritual values. People from the Masons or Freemasons as they are sometimes known are trained the precepts connected with Freemasonry by way of tradition dramas. These Masonic traditions follow age-old forms and also include the traditions and instruments of stonemasons seeing as allegorical guidelines.


3 Great Principles are being followed as Freemasons


Brotherly Love – Each and every genuine Freemason may have patience as well as respect to the thoughts and opinions of other individuals as well as behave along with goodness as well as understanding to his fellow animals.


Relief – Freemasons are trained to practice charitable organization and also to care, not just for his or her own, but in addition for the city in general, both by charitable giving, by voluntary efforts and works as people.


Truth – Freemasons shoot for truth, needing high moral standards and striving to attain them in their own individual lives.


Plus they think that by using these primary concepts, that they’re going to achieve greater standards in existence. Freemasons believe strongly in supplying charitable organization to others, otherwise through financial contributions, and then by way of starting voluntary work.


Myths about Freemasons


Many people have myths in regards to what Freemason really are, a lot of people believe it is a secretive group, having unconventional initiation rites as well as traditions. Although others, think that Freemasons really are a society which consists of business proprietors who ‘take proper care of each other’ or quite simply, they merely cope with each others’ companies.


Many of these ideas are completely false, Freemasonry isn’t a secretive society whatsoever, and Freemasons frequently hold open day occasions, where anybody thinking about the Freemasonry arrived at a Lodge and discover more.


People from the Freemasons freely acknowledge their membership, if anybody asks them and also the rules of Freemasonry and it is aims and concepts are freely open to the general public.


Composition of Freemasonry


The fraternity or brotherhood of Freemasons is put into Awesome Hotels which usually regulate their own unique physical area. These Grand Lodge areas have been in turn comprised of more compact lodges that go over areas for example cities, metropolitan areas and areas.


Each lodge possesses its very own Masonic regalia or perhaps uniform. Items of regalia worn at Masonic conferences include dress for instance ties and apron, which have significance if this involves rank of numerous people of the individual lodge.


Soon, Freemasonry spread all over the world, inside the British Colonies within the U . s . States and across Europe.


As being a Freemason


As lengthy as you are a man over the age of 18 plus you’ve got a belief in God or possibly a supreme being in the World, you will discover no strict recommendations about who is able to be considered a freemason. Freemasonry is not at all limited to only Christian faiths because individuals who adhere to some other religions for example Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam is merely as thank you for going to join.

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W.D. Gann Square of Nine

In the early 1900s Wall Street and the New York stock market were very visible icons of burgeoning American power and influence. Although the average working family was not directly involved in the stock market as it is today, Wall Street was still news, and its often colorful characters, known as “Wall Street operators” at the time, were the main fodder for the nation’s gossip columns and notorious weekly magazines.

W.D. Gann was such a character, and one of the few whose name remains part of the Wall Street legend even today. Gann became a public figure after giving an interview in 1909 to the then leading Wall Street publication, Ticker and Investment Digest. As an historical aside the interviewer was Richard D. Wyckoff who in the following years became himself a famous Wall Street operator and stock market author.

Perhaps the reason the legend of W.D. Gann has endured was revealed in that 1909 interview. As Wyckoff said in his reporting “It appears to be a fact Mr. W, D. Gann has developed an entirely new idea as to the principles governing stock market movements. He bases his operations upon certain natural laws which, though existing since the world began, have only in recent years been subjected to the will of man and added to the list of so-called modern discoveries.”

In that interview W.D. Gann spoke of natural laws and something he called the law vibration although he never specifically defined what he was referring to. W.D. Gann was a prolific researcher and writer. He published many stock market and commodities trading courses in his 40 year career on Wall Street. Obtuse prose is the hallmark of all Gann’s writing. He alludes to many things without ever defining a single thing. Perhaps that is the reason he remains as enigmatic a character today as the day he gave his interview to Wyckoff almost 100 years ago.

At least one of W.D. Gann’s ideas is easily understandable in the making even if not in its application. The Gann Wheel, what most people think of as the Square of Nine, is sometimes called a “Square Root Calculator” or a device that “Squares the Circle.” This simple illustration may explain how and why these terms came about. You probably recognize that the illustration is just the first two rings of a Gann Wheel with the numeral “1” at the center.

3 4 5

2 1 6

9 8 7

Formatting limitations prevent going any further but you can see the pattern that could continue the progression to infinity. In Square of Nine parlance we say things like 4 is 90 degrees from 2. That makes sense only if you can visualize that this rectangular table of numbers is enclosed in a circle (or series of circles) of 360 degrees. In this case, the number 4 is 1/4 the way around the circle from the number 2, or 90 degrees in circumference from 2. In the same sense that we can say that 4 is 90 degrees from 2, we can say that 6 is 180 degrees from 2, or half way around the circle.

You will have to continue the progression for at least two more cycles on a separate piece of paper to follow this next example, but this is where it gets fun. The square root of 15 is 3.87. Add two to the square root of 15 and we get 5.87. Square 5.87 and we get 34.49 which rounds to 34. Now we know that adding two to the square root of a number and squaring that sum is the same thing as a 360 degree rotation up on the Gann Wheel. If “2” represents a 360 degree rotation then “1” represents a 180 degree rotation, “0.5” a 90 degree rotation, and so on. W.D. Gann tells us that 90 degrees in very important in the stock market. What he’s really saying is that adding and subtracting .5 (and exact multiples or proportions of .5) to the square root of a stock price and then squaring the result is very important!

If you spend even a little time experimenting with Gann Wheel math on some stock or commodities charts you will discover some interesting relationships. If it seems a bit confusing, do not fret. W.D. Gann spent 10 solid years developing his law of vibration and the next 40 devising ways to keep the last details his mystery.



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Law of Vibration

Vibrating means to oscillate, to quiver, move backwards and forwards very fast. On a sub-atomic level , everything is vibrating. This is what matter and energy does at this level. The chair you are sitting in is vibrating like crazy right now. You don’t feel it or see it because all the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles that make your chair are compact and smaller than small. Matter vibrates at such a small high rate of speed that it goes beyond what we can detect unless you have some very high powered microscope.

This may sound foreign but it is very real. Because everything is made up of vibrational energy, even consciousness itself is energy that vibrates at a very high rate. Therefore, our very own thoughts hold some weight after all. This is the Law of Vibration. Everything can be measured at a vibrational signature.

An experiment done several years ago even bares this out. A mother rabbit was submerged into a submarine while the baby was in a lab a few thousand miles away. The mother was attached to equipment that measures brain waves to see if she would respond to what the experimenters did next. Those people at the lab killed the baby rabbit. At the moment the baby was killed, the brain waves of the mother rabbit they were observing in the sub went off the chart. The brain waves being measured went haywire.

Yes, this experiment sucks, but it also proves that consciousness is a vibrational pattern that is distinct. This also proved a very important aspect of quantum theory that sub-atomic particles can give and receive information without time and distance being a variable. This experiment helps to establish that vibration exists as consciousness throughout the universe.

Scientifically this might explain the close relationships some individuals have, where one person has a fall and the other one feels the pain at that exact moment. There have been many tests conducted with identical twins that bare this out.

The Law of Vibration plays a very large part in understanding Universal Consciousness. If everything is vibrational and communication is instant between everything, then we are all tied into something a lot larger than we might have ever thought of before.

Science has been discovering recently that the metaphysical laws are now becoming there laws and theories. Through the studies of quantum physics, science is discovering what metaphysics has known for thousands of years – everything and everyone is connect to each other.

Every one of us are individual beings, yet we are also an integral part of the Universal Consciousness that makes up the whole. Like a drop of salt water from a vast ocean that is larger than our solar system, that drop of water is still part of the ocean. So it is with all of us.

It is because we are a part of this Universal Consciousness that we are able to communicate with the whole of it with our vibrational signatures that are unique to each one of us. This Law of Vibration is even part of the bigger picture. It is because of this that the Law of Attraction works for us.

The key to the Law of Vibration is, raising your vibrational frequency to a positive one; a Good Vibration. This higher vibration you begin to resonate, will be answered in kind by the Universal Consciousness. Like, attracts like. Or, light, attracts light. What you send out as thoughts, feelings, emotions, is manifested into your life by the Super Consciousness responding to this.

The Law of Attraction is the bigger picture. It is the great communicator. We send out our consciousness using our vibrational patterned signatures and the Universal Consciousness responds to this by sending back to us our reality. Good or bad, we get back what we give. The Law does not judge good, or bad; we do. This Law simply returns to us, base on whatever vibrational frequency we send out on.

Again, this may all sound incredible, yet it is all true and real. There are several resources in vast detail that explain what science in quantum physics have been discovering about the cause and effect nature of reality being one of intent.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a metaphysical guru in order to make any of this work for you. Understanding that the Universal Consciousness can work for you, and a willingness to let go of old ideas about yourself and your false relationship with the universe is enough to begin – discovering abundance, real happiness and a quality of life you never imagined.



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How you can apply the Law of Attraction inside your existence

Nowadays, many people are utilizing the power of positive believed and also the law of attraction to alter their lives. Within an era of unparalleled technologies, there’s also a entire lot of tension and chaos within our busy lives. Good results is really a formula which has many elements, but this less understood law is frequently underutilized. Utilizing what the law states and taking advantage of it each day has overflowing many individuals and it’ll make certain to assist you to too.


What the law states states: I attract to myself whatever I give my concentrate, attention, or power to, whether wanted or undesirable. For instance, if an individual ponders the thought of becoming wealthy and sees her or himself living a wealthy way of life, then cash has a tendency to gravitate towards that individual. However, concentrating on the debts due, not obtaining enough money to pay the bills, and worries about finances draws in poverty and debt. The subconscious informs the conscious mind how to proceed. Whenever we fill our ideas with “I’m able toInch then eventually the subconscious is going to do just that.


An excellent method to begin utilizing the law of attraction would be to truly visualize your self fulfilling your dreams. Ought to you usually aspired to be considered a expert player, then see your self holding a trophy the ones clapping and entertaining yourself on. Visualize an even swing from the club together with a hole in a single.


If we’re at relaxation and meditation on something, we’re whilst using Theta brainwave. This type of thought is comparable to hypnosis by which our subconscious becomes very prone to suggestion. It’s good to make use of positive statements and affirmations inside this condition. Physically say aloud, “I’m a professional golfer and that i will win farmville.Inch Recommending that you’re a champion and truly thinking it brings actual winning games once the conscious reads within the subconscious.


Mister Isaac Newton stated that the object at relaxation has a tendency to stay at relaxation also as an object moving has a tendency to stay in motion. Whenever we do something and set our dreams into motion, this utilizes Newton’s law. Put about you ambitious and positive those that are positively going after their set goals. Picture a steam train progressively building speed. Positive statements and affirmations and visualizations could be the coal that’s operating that steam engine. The effective folks who are about you’re adding their energy by tossing more coal concerning the fire. The train is “full steam ahead” and appears to race ahead effortlessly. An expert always causes it to be look simple, and numerous professionals are utilizing the laws and regulations whether or not or not they comprehend it or otherwise.


Amongst the wonderful benefits from the law of attraction is you have more of the items you show gratitude for. Being grateful brings positive feelings and draws in energy that is much more positive. Simple gestures like saying, “thanksInch for your boss might have a profound effect on the general mood of the day. There isn’t any secrete the happy and efficient people about the globe begin using these ideas each and every single day. Begin at this time and help your existence 1 positive thought at any given time.

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Freemasonry Today – Its Principles

Freemasonry is an organization open to all men who have a desire to be a good and productive contributor to society. It recognises no distinction between races, creeds, social qualifications, or political persuasions. Freemasons strive to become better citizens, better family men, and better employees or employers. They believe in helping those who are in need, and to make charity and benevolence a journey with Freemasonry.

Members are expected to be people of integrity, and they enjoy fellowship in an atmosphere of mutual trust – this is important for humanity as planet Earth’s history have been full of conflicts and divisions among its inhabitants.

There are three levels of membership known as ‘degrees’. Those degrees are:

1st Degree: Entered Apprentice
2nd Degree: Fellow Craft
3rd Degree: Master Mason

The ceremony of each degree is about wisdom, and principles of morality. Symbolism and Masonic working tools are used in these ceremonies to convey such teachings. The famous Masonic working tools, the square and compasses are the universal emblems of Freemasonry. Masonic “secrets” which are intrigue the public are just hand shakes, signs, and symbols used by Freemasons to identify one another.

Freemasons meet in places they refer to as Lodges. Each lodge is presided over by a Worshipful Master (President) who is elected annually by the members. Members are given the opportunity to move through the various Offices of a Lodge to develop self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, and promote leadership. The Lodge meetings include solemn ceremonies, and stimulating lectures on the ancient traditions and principles of the Craft in which Freemasonry is based. Almost all the meetings conclude with a supper where members get to enjoy fellowship.

Members are not permitted to discuss political, religious, or racial issues in Lodges. Freemasons are also urged to obey laws, and perform civic duties in the country in which they reside. Membership for personal gain is not permitted, and it is not a mutual benefit society. Freemasonry is not a religion, does not have a Divine Revelation, and offers no salvation.

Freemasonry reinforces kindness, honesty, courtesy, and fairness. It flourishes in almost every free country, and is a way of life for men of all nations. Freemasonry today is a society for people helping people.


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